Can You Put Mesh Laundry Bags in The Dryer ?


As an employee of Great Shine, a leading B2B household goods wholesale factory in China, I often find myself exploring various aspects of home organization. Today, I’d like to discuss a common question that many of our customers have been curious about: Can you put mesh laundry bags in the dryer?


Short answer: Yes, you can!

When it comes to mesh laundry bags, the convenience they offer extends to the drying process as well. According to experts at, the mesh bag is designed to withstand the heat of the dryer without affecting its structure. The mesh material allows for proper airflow and ensures that your clothes dry effectively. This is particularly advantageous for delicate items that benefit from a gentler drying process.

But let’s delve a little deeper into why and how you use mesh laundry bags in your dryer.

Mesh laundry bags can act as a protective barrier for clothing during the washing machine cycle. However, their usefulness does not end there. Research conducted by shows that using mesh bags in dryers prevents tangles, reduces wrinkles, and minimizes friction between clothes. This not only maintains the quality of the clothes, but also makes the drying process much easier.


Now, you may be wondering which items are best placed in dryer mesh bags.

Is delicate underwear and socks okay? Can you throw in your child’s favorite stuffed animal? The answer is yes. Mesh laundry bags provide a versatile solution for a variety of items, from small and delicate to bulky items.

Here are some items that are placed in the mesh bag during the dryer operation:

Underwear and delicate clothing: Mesh bags prevent lace, silk and other delicate fabrics from being pulled or stretched in the dryer.
Socks and small items of clothing: Stop looking for lost socks – put them in a mesh bag and make sure they all match.
Stuffed Animals and toys:. Throwing soft toys into a mesh bag ensures that they are clean and complete.
Sportswear: Maintain the elasticity and moisture absorption properties of sportswear by using mesh bags in the dryer.

As someone who works in the home storage industry, I appreciate the versatility of mesh laundry bags.

Not only do they enhance the laundry process, but they also protect the clothes, principles that are integral to our Great Shine product line. Our commitment to quality and innovation provides seamless and efficient solutions for families around the world.


But before you rush to throw everything in a mesh bag to dry, let’s address some issues.

Tips for using mesh laundry bags in the dryer:

Choose the right size: Make sure your mesh bag is the right size for what you are going to put in it. Overcrowding interferes with drying.
Safety zippers and buckles: To prevent any accidents, make sure to zip up or fasten any pockets of clothing inside the bag.
Check for fabric compatibility: Although mesh bags are generally safe for many fabrics, it is also important to carefully check the specific instructions on the care label.

Now, you may be wondering if there are some situations where you should avoid using mesh bags in your dryer.

Something you can’t put in a mesh bag in the dryer?
Yes, there are some exceptions. According to, heavy or extremely bulky items may not dry effectively in mesh bags. Blankets, large towels, and similar items are better suited to be placed directly in the dryer. In addition, items with embellishments such as sequins or beads may be better suited to air drying to retain their decorative elements.

In the world of home organization, multi-purpose mesh laundry bags play an important role both in the washing process and in the drying process. At Great Shine, we prioritize innovation and quality in our home storage products, and we recognize the importance of sharing practical insights to enhance our customers’ daily lives.

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