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Welcome to the Great Shine website. As the leading manufacturer of home storage products in China, our commitment to excellence is rooted in every product we offer. With over 13 years of experience, we have honed the skills needed to make custom storage box that not only meet but exceed your expectations. That’s why we recommend our custom storage box products to you.

In a rapidly changing global market, we stand out as the first mover to provide you with tailor-made storage boxes. Our extensive product range includes a variety of sizes, elastic materials and innovative designs, ensuring you get reliable, high-quality storage solutions that meet your needs. Work with us now for a mutually beneficial partnership!

Your Custom Storage Box

Various Custom Storage Box

We specialize in the manufacture of custom storage box organizers, and our factory is proficient in the production of various products, including cloth clothing storage boxes, plastic storage boxes, toy storage boxes, etc. Each project demonstrates our commitment to individual solutions, offering options tailored to your preferences. Our expertise is reflected in providing you with custom storage boxes that meet your unique needs, whether it is choosing the right color or customizing the size to better cater to your market.


We recognize the critical role of customization in storage solutions. With our custom storage box, you can have your own design ideas. Whether it’s size, materials, aesthetics, or even badges – every aspect has been carefully crafted to fit your unique preferences. We do not just provide you with high quality products, our goal is to provide personalized custom storage box that are closely related to your preferences.With our OEM/ODM service, you have the freedom to design your organizer to reflect your brand image and meet the specific needs of your target market. Whether it’s choosing materials, customizing the look or adding your logo, our experienced team will help you every step of the way.

Why Custom Storage Box

Diversified Demand

Standard options may not meet the diverse needs of customers. The versatility of custom storage box solves this problem. Recognizing the diversity of each home and its unique storage needs, we offer a range of customizable features covering materials, dimensions, logo design and overall look. Expand your market share with tailor-made custom storage box. Your storage solutions, uniquely designed to resonate with your personal preferences, open up new avenues for your business.

Unique Design

Personalize your custom storage box to reflect your unique style – choose your favorite materials, different product sizes, and even integrate your logo to create a unique product. Choosing a custom storage box will make your product stand out in the market, enable your brand to reach a global audience and leave a lasting impression on customers. Use a unique custom storage solution that resonates with your brand identity.

Brand Influence

By customizing your storage box, you can make your product seamless with your brand style, thus enhancing its uniqueness in the market. Customization enables you to shape a product’s unique selling point and highlight its unique features. This will increase consumer awareness of your brand, foster love for your brand, and let your brand go to the world. Harness the power of customization to give your brand greater reach and stand out in a competitive market.

Why choose us

Expansive Facility

Our factory is a spacious 3,000 square meter facility designed for large-scale production. The ample space allows for efficient organization of production lines, storage of raw materials, and establishment of a streamlined workflow tailored for manufacturing purposes. With such ample space, we are able to meet the needs of our customers while ensuring that our operations meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Enriching Production Line

Our factory is equipped with multiple specialized production lines, and we have the ability to manage a variety of custom projects simultaneously, including wholesale storage box. This strategic setup not only increases our overall production efficiency, but also allows us to flexibly adapt to a variety of product specifications and meet our customers’ unique requirements. By utilizing our multi-line production capabilities, we ensure fast turnaround without compromising quality, thereby exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.

Certificate Guarantee

Experience peace of mind with our certified excellence in manufacturing. Our commitment to quality and ethical standards is reflected in our prestigious certifications: BSCI, FSC, ISO9001, SEDEX, SQP, and WCA.

BSCI certification assures fair treatment of workers, adherence to labor laws, and ethical sourcing practices throughout our supply chain. FSC certification confirms our dedication to sustainable forestry practices, ensuring that the wood used in our products comes from responsibly managed forests. ISO9001 certification underscores our rigorous quality management systems, guaranteeing consistent product excellence and customer satisfaction.

SEDEX membership demonstrates our transparency and accountability in social and ethical practices, while SQP certification ensures safe and fair working conditions for our employees. Lastly, WCA accreditation reinforces our commitment to ethical business practices, including labor rights, environmental sustainability, and fair trade principles.

When you choose our products, you’re not only investing in top-notch organizational solutions but also supporting a company dedicated to social responsibility and ethical business practices. Trust in our certified excellence for hanging closet organizer products that meet the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and ethical production.


Great Shine is a trusted partner for large corporate buyers and distributors. We not only focus on providing superior custom storage boxes, but also on providing comprehensive support to our partners. As an experienced factory with 13 years of production experience, we know the importance of working closely with our customers. We understand the importance of partnerships, which is why we are committed to working hand in hand with our customers to meet their unique needs.

Continuous Improvement

We don’t just offer great custom home storage products, we are committed to constantly improving our products and partnership models. We invest in research and development to constantly bring you innovative products, ensuring that your branded products are always ahead of the competition. We understand the importance of continuous development to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Global Business

The influence of the Great Shine extends far beyond China’s borders. We have successfully established a presence in major markets such as North America, South America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia, etc. Our global footprint is a testament to the unwavering trust our international customers place in our custom home storage products business.

High Productivity

Located in China, our state-of-the-art factory boasts cutting-edge production lines that span a diverse array of product categories. Our dedicated professional team is committed to ensuring the prompt fulfillment of your orders, guaranteeing efficiency and precision throughout the entire production process.

Professional Team

We are equipped with a professional service team dedicated to solving any problems you may encounter in your order. Our commitment to efficient and transparent communication results in extremely high customer retention rates. We aim for more than just one-off collaborations, we strive to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Wholesale Custom Storage Box Process

  • Customization and Design

    Send us the quantity of products you need and your customization requirements for product material, size, logo, and appearance, and we will customize the storage box according to your requirements.

  • Get a Sample

    After expressing your specific needs to us, we can provide you with customized product samples for quality inspection.

  • Bulk Order

    After receiving the sample, if you are satisfied with the quality of the sample, you can further confirm and order large goods, if you are not satisfied, you can tell us to modify.

  • Start Production

    After receiving the deposit, we will start mass production of the goods. Before mass production, we will send you the confirmation sample.

  • Packing and Boxing

    After the goods are completed, we will pack your customized products according to the requirements, and confirm the packaging to you, waiting for delivery.

  • Loading and Customs Clearance

    After your goods are packed, we will load them onto the truck and wait for customs clearance.

  • International Logistics

    The next final step is to send your goods to the destination by international logistics, shipping, air, etc.

Our company

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Absolutely! At Great Shine, we offer a variety of materials for custom storage box, including durable plastics, eco-friendly wood, and other high-quality options. The choice of material is entirely yours, allowing you to prioritize factors like sustainability, aesthetics, or functionality based on your preferences.

If you encounter any problems selling your custom storage box or have any questions after receiving them, our dedicated customer support team is ready to help you. Our goal is to provide timely and effective solutions to ensure your continued satisfaction with our products.

Certainly! We understand the importance of ensuring that the custom storage box meet your expectations. You can request a sample to evaluate the materials, craftsmanship, and overall design before proceeding with a bulk order. Our goal is to guarantee your satisfaction with the final product.

Custom storage box are uniquely tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences. Unlike standard storage options, custom boxes allow you to choose the size, material, design, and other features according to your requirements. This ensures that you get a storage solution that perfectly matches your space and organizational needs.

Our custom storage box are designed to be versatile. You have the freedom to specify the dimensions that suit your storage requirements. Whether you need a compact box for small items or a spacious container for larger belongings, we can create a storage solution tailored to your desired size.

The production and delivery time for custom storage box depend on factors such as the complexity of the customization, order quantity, and shipping location. We strive to provide a reasonable production time frame while ensuring the quality of each customized box. Our team will communicate the estimated delivery schedule once your order is confirmed.

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