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Are you tired of regular shoe storage products that lack personality? Enter the world of free customization with Great Shine, your trusted partner, a supplier of custom shoe storage products with 13 years of experience in delivering exceptional custom shoe storage. Enhance your brand image and storage experience at the same time – because at Great Shine, we believe your product should be as unique as your brand.Our custom shoe storage solutions can expand your brand image. Let your brand logo accompany the sales of products around the world, and with 13 years of manufacturing excellence, we turn your vision into reality.

Working with Great Shine. We offer more than just products, but a symbiotic partnership. Our focus on low-priced, customized shoe storage solutions has redefined premium distribution. Learn how your brand can outperform the competition with personalized, high-quality storage.

Our MOQ of each product is different, usually 500, specific products you can leave a message for consultation.

Yes, We Offer Free Customization As Long As Our Minimum Order Quantity Is Reached.

We can provide customers with marketing consulting services and Amazon product pictures as well as other reasonable needs.

You can fill in the form on the right with your information and product information, we will proactively contact you and provide you with free samples.

You need to contact us to place an order and then send us your design.

We are a manufacturer with 13 years of production experience.

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Shoe Storage Box

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Why Choose Great Shine?

We understand that success in the B2B space is multi-factorial. Great Shine is more than just a supplier; And the partner who invested in your success story. Our products meet the expectations of customers like you around the world. When you choose Great Shine as your custom shoe storage partner, you have a strategic ally. We understand the challenges and requirements that businesses like yours face.

Our commitment is not just to deliver exceptional products; It extends to providing various aspects of support to our partners. As an experienced factory with 13 years of production experience, we understand the importance of working closely with our customers.

We adhere to the relentless pursuit of excellence. We draw on experience and customer advice, and our commitment to continuous improvement sets us apart in the market. We understand the importance of constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Certificate Guarantee

Our products can provide BSCI, FSC and ISO9001 certifications. These certifications clearly demonstrate our commitment to maintaining high industry standards and ensuring product quality. For consumers or businesses seeking custom shoe storage products, these certifications instill confidence in the reliability and quality of our products.

Custom Shoe Storage

Are You Ready For Custom Shoe Storage?

You have the power to customize everything: from logos and colors to sizes, appearances, and materials. We recognize the uniqueness of your brand, and our products reflect that individuality.

Fully Custom

Immerse yourself in the freedom of choice. Great Glow enables you to customize every detail – size, color, appearance, material. Our B2B custom shoe storage method serves large corporate buyers, distributors of home storage products and those looking for a personalized solution. Your brand shouldn’t be off-the-shelf – it should be customized and unique.

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Global Market

Great Shine expands its reach to key markets such as North America, South America, Europe, Japan, Korea and Russia. You can also add your logo to custom shoe storage products, whether you are a large corporate buyer, distributor or e-commerce giant, our custom shoe storage can take your brand to the global market.

Custom Shoe Storage Wholesale Process

  • Customization and Design

    Send us your customization requirements for product material, size, logo and appearance, and we will custom shoe storage according to your requirements.

  • Packing and Boxing

    After the goods are completed, we will pack your customized products according to the requirements, and confirm the packaging to you, waiting for delivery.

  • Loading and Customs Clearance

    After your goods are packed, we will load them onto the truck and wait for customs clearance.

  • International Logistics

    The next final step is to send your goods to the destination by international logistics, shipping, air, etc.


Efficient Factory Capacity

Located in China, our factory has state-of-the-art production lines covering a wide range of product categories, and our professional team is dedicated to ensuring that your orders are fulfilled in a timely manner, guaranteeing efficiency and precision throughout the production process.

Efficient Transportation

International logistics, free choice of transportation mode.  Choose the logistics method that suits your preferences and your custom shoe storage will arrive at your destination quickly.  We ensure that your product reaches its destination safely and efficiently.


Professional after-sales

We have a professional service team, committed to answering any questions you have about the order, efficient and transparent communication makes our customer re-purchase rate is very high, we are not pursuing a cooperation, we are pursuing a long-term stable win-win relationship with customers.

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If you have any quotation or customization needs, please send us a message, we will reply within 24 hours.

When it comes to custom shoe storage, Great Shine is your staunch ally. We are not just a B2B company; We are your gateway to the custom shoe storage market. Enhance your brand image, streamline your ordering process and expand your global reach with our superior logistics services.

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