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Great Shine Transform your purchasing experience! We are a professional manufacturer of wholesale Christmas storage products in China. We understand that your company attaches great importance to product quality and customized service. So we offer a range of Christmas storage products to meet both your needs and the needs of the market, making your purchasing process simpler and more efficient!

As your ideal B2B partner, Great Shine has 13 years of production expertise. Work with us to let your customers experience the magic of Christmas through carefully designed Christmas storage products. Our products have been successful in North America, South America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia and other places, customers from all over the world in our wholesale Christmas stgorage products.


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Discover the best fit for your business needs. With Great Shine, you’re not just buying a product; You are building an impact for your brand based on your vision. Ask for a free sample and experience our high-quality, foldable, versatile storage products. In addition, enjoy the convenience of instant quotes on wholesale Christmas storage products to customize your products.

Certificate Guarantee

Great Shine is committed to excellence. Our products have BSCI, FSC, ISO9001 and other certification marks to ensure that each product meets the highest industry standards. When you choose wholesale Christmas storage products at Great Shine. You will receive the most comprehensive product quality assurance and our commitment to product quality.

Advantages of Our Product

Practical Design

Wholesale Christmas products should be considered in many ways. Our products are not only visually appealing; They are designed with functionality in mind. From collapsible options that are easy to store to versatile designs, our design approach ensures that every product has good feedback on the market.

Personalized OEM

Wholesale Christmas storage products need to pay attention to customized services. Our OEM services are tailored to meet your unique aesthetic. Whether it's a specific size, color or unique style, we can tailor Christmas storage products to your needs and reflect your brand identity.

Advanced Technology

We integrates advanced technology into the production of products. We are committed to being at the forefront of production technology to ensure that your customers enjoy the convenience of innovative Christmas storage products. We guarantee that the quality of each product is strictly controlled.

Durable Material

We are well aware of the importance of the quality of our suppliers' products to the wholesale Christmas storage work. Our products are made of durable materials that stand the test of time to ensure longevity and reliability, ensuring your customers are satisfied with your products.

Eco-friendly Material

We are committed to sustainable development and our products are made from environmentally friendly materials, ensuring the quality of our products while paying attention to the environmental impact. We want to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Professional After-sales

At Great Shine Wholesale Christmas storage products, you can not only get high quality products, but also professional after-sales service. Our professional team is here to address any questions or concerns in a timely manner to ensure that your after-sales experience is satisfactory.

Wholesale Christmas Storage Process

Customization and Design

Send us your customized requirements for product material, size, logo, appearance, and we will make products according to your requirements.

Packing and Boxing

After the goods are completed, we will pack the products according to the requirements and wait for delivery.

Loading and Customs Clearance

After your goods are packed, we will load them onto the truck and wait for customs clearance.

International Logistics

We support a variety of international logistics methods, you can choose the right mode of transport, we will safely deliver the goods to your hands on time.

Wholesale Christmas Storage OEM

At Great Shine, we know that customers wholesale Christmas storage can not be separated from customization, customization is not just a function; It’s a process. We guide you through every step of the way, ensuring that the product is tailored to your unique vision to make it stand out in the market. From choosing colors, materials and sizes to making products that are consistent with your brand, we make the process transparent and efficient.

Wholesale Christmas storage products and explore our OEM customization process to turn your ideas into reality. From concept to production, we work seamlessly with you to ensure a product that meets your inner expectations.

How To Customize Your Order

Contact us: Click here to contact our professional team. Our friendly and professional staff is ready to assist you with any inquiries.

Be clear about your requirements: let us know what size you need, preferred materials, and any particular style preferences you have in mind.

Get a customized solution: Our experts will work closely with you to create a customized solution that matches your vision.


Professional Production Line: Our factory in China has advanced production lines, covering home fabric storage bins,toy box, laundry baskets, clothing storage bags, bedding storage, Christmas storage, wardrobe storage, shoe storage and other rich product lines, our many professional workers to ensure that your order is completed on time.

Diversified transportation methods: We offer a variety of transportation methods, including express, sea, air, you can choose the right transportation method according to your needs, to ensure that your order is delivered to you on time.。

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