How to Use Packing Cubes ?

You’ve just embarked on a long-awaited trip, and your suitcase is a mess with clothes, shoes, and makeup. How common is that? Don’t worry, Great Shine- your go-to best-in-class storage solution – is here to unlock the secrets of effective packing. Today, let’s dive into the world of packed cubes and see how to use packing cubes?


Cube packaging: The unsung hero of the organization

In the realm of travel essentials, the packing cube emerged as a necessity, turning the art of suitcase organization into a breeze. Research shows that a well-packed suitcase not only maximizes space, it also reduces wrinkles and ensures that your wardrobe stays unscathed during travel.

The packing cubes come in a variety of sizes and are designed to fit seamlessly into your luggage. These cubes, precision produced at Great Shine, offer a blend of durability and style. They are made of high-quality materials that guarantee longevity and keep your belongings safe on the go.

PAS formula: Pack properly

P-planning: When I embark on a new journey, my first step is always careful planning. I sort through my clothes and necessities, forming plans in my head with what to go where. This mental checklist ensures that I have everything I need and eliminates unnecessary things, making packing a simplified process.

A – Organizing: With my packing cube in hand, I start systematically organizing my belongings. The smaller bag is good for socks, underwear, and accessories, while the larger bag holds my clothing essentials. This arrangement not only optimizes the space, but also facilitates easy access to specific items without causing confusion in the luggage compartment.

S-safety: The last step involves precisely fixing each cube. Great Shine’s packing box, with high-quality zippers and reinforced seams, ensures that my items are tightly tucked away. This security not only prevents leaks, but also adds an extra layer of protection to fragile items.

Step up your packaging game

Now that we’ve unraveled the PAS formula, let’s explore some tips and tricks to boost your packing game skills.

1. Rolling and Stacking techniques: Maximizing cube efficiency involves mastering the art of rolling and stacking. Roll your clothes to minimize wrinkles and optimize space, then strategically fold your clothes in your suitcase. This technique not only saves space, but also makes it easy to identify specific items.

2. Color-coded cubes :Great Shine’s collection of packaged cubes comes in a variety of colors. Take advantage of this by assigning specific colors to different types of items. For example, specify one color for clothing, another color for accessories, and so on. This simple color-coding system turns your suitcase into an organized space.

3. Compression blocks for larger items: When facing larger items like jackets or sweaters, choose compression blocks. These bags, equipped with compression zippers, allow you to squeeze out excess air and reduce the bulk of your clothes.

More related questions

Does packing cubes save space?
Yes, indeed! A comprehensive study conducted by packaging experts has shown that the use of packaging cubes can increase the available space in a suitcase by 30%. This extra space allows you to pack more strategically, making sure you have enough space to store things.

Can I use cube packaging for different types of travel?
Yes, we do! Whether you’re on a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, pack cubes have everything you need. Their versatility makes them suitable for any travel time, and their compact design ensures they fit effortlessly into backpacks, suitcases or duffel bags.


In the world of travel, efficiency is key, and the packaged cube from Great Shine is a beacon of organization and convenience. The secret to stress-free travel is the art of organization. So get ready, invest in high-quality packing cubes, and let the art of organizing packing unfold on your next trip!

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