How to Wrap Christmas Lights for Storage?

As the festive season winds down, the daunting task of storing away Christmas decorations begins. Among the various items to be packed away, Christmas lights often pose a particular challenge. Tangled string lights can annoy even the most patient of people, causing unnecessary stress during what should be a joyful holiday time.Fear not, for I am here to share some expert tips on how to wrap Christmas lights for storage, make sure you have a relaxing and happy Christmas.

how to wrap christmas lights for storage

Firstly, untangle and inspect your lights: Before diving into the wrapping process, take a few moments to carefully untangle your Christmas lights. This initial step will save you time and make organizing easier later on. As you untangle, inspect each strand for any damaged bulbs or frayed wires. Discard any lights that show signs of wear and tear to avoid potential safety hazards.

Next, gather your supplies: To effectively wrap your Christmas lights, you’ll need a few simple supplies. Grab a sturdy cardboard tube, such as one from a roll of wrapping paper or paper towels. You’ll also need a pair of scissors and some twist ties or rubber bands to secure the lights once they’re wrapped.

Now, start wrapping: Begin by finding one end of the strand and securing it to the cardboard tube using a twist tie or rubber band. Then, carefully wrap the lights around the tube, taking care to keep the strand tangle-free as you go. For longer strands, you may need to loop them around the tube multiple times. Once you reach the end of the strand, secure it in place with another twist tie or rubber band.



Other notes

Consider using a specialized storage solution: While wrapping your lights around a cardboard tube is a tried-and-true method, there are also specialized storage solutions available that can make the process even easier. Look for storage reels or containers specifically designed for Christmas lights, which often feature compartments or reels to keep each strand neatly organized.

Label your lights: To make next year’s decorating process easier, consider labeling each wrapped strand with a brief description of where it was used. For example, you could label one strand as “mantel lights” and another as “tree lights.” This simple step will save you time when it comes time to decorate again.

Store your lights in a cool, dry place: Once your lights are neatly wrapped and labeled, it’s time to find a suitable storage spot. Choose a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight, such as a closet or attic. Avoid storing your lights in a damp or humid environment, as this can cause damage over time.



How to Prevent Tangling?

One of the most common frustrations when it comes to storing Christmas lights is dealing with tangled strands. To prevent tangling, try wrapping each strand individually and securing it with twist ties or rubber bands. You can also use specialized storage solutions, such as storage reels or containers with built-in compartments, to keep each strand separate and organized.

What About LED Lights?

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and durability. When wrapping LED lights for storage, follow the same steps outlined above. However, keep in mind that LED lights are often more delicate than traditional incandescent lights, so handle them with care to avoid damage.




By following these steps, you can easily wrap your Christmas lights for a stress-free holiday decorating process. Taking the time to properly package your lights for storage will not only save you a lot of hassle when redecorating next year, but it will also extend the life of your decorations.

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